about me

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

So. Who the hell are you lady???

Realistically, I’m a nobody. A face in the crowd of the billions of people. But do you other nobodies agree with me?

Here in Australia we have had drought, bushfires, flooding and cyclones. But that’s sooooo last month. Now, a few weeks later, we have the viral apocolypse. I believe that we will get through this. And I believe we will remember only the big moments.


I am a person who likes to injure myself physically and mentally, oops, I mean be a high school teacher. But there’s another side to me (even though that job sometimes takes 99.789 percent of my day) that makes me feel every single emotion, often all at once. Yep, I’m also a mum.

But most of all, I am face in the crowd of a society that’s gone into chaos. So this is my purpose. There are about 34 million sites you can look at right now, to terrify you into buying toilet paper and drinking hand sanitizer. But when I look back in a year, I don’t want to forget the everyday covid-iculous things that are happening. And have a laugh at ourselves, instead of panicking.

So, if you get easily offended, WALK AWAY RENEE. If you have recently yelled at a checkout operator for double scanning your magazine, or abused the girl at the drive through window for giving you a full sugar drink instead of a diet. GO HOME KAREN. This is not the place for you.

If you like to have a joke, to lighten your mood during a time of crisis. COME ON IN and sit 2 metres away from me.