Mrs Mama

Teacher. Mama. The Real Deal.

About Me

So. Who the hell are you lady???

Realistically, I’m a nobody. A face in the crowd of the billions of people.

But 2020 right? Am I right? The year that showed us that all of us nobodies actually all need each other.

Which leads me to my purpose. There are about 34 million sites out there on the big wide interwebs, that can take any situation and blow it up into a terrifying ordeal. Everywhere I turn the world is in breakdown and it’s the last thing I need.

My life has been a roller coaster of highs and lows, and I have openly struggled with mental health problems. And there is no cure, my days constantly challenge me with the stress of being a teacher, a mother and a wife. Note- not listed in any particular order of importance. That changes daily.

I want somewhere we can go for a break from the chaos around us. Make a joke, just be real. Apply this strange thing called ‘rational thought’ instead of making a big deal out of everything. No ‘filters’ on the world around me.

So, if you get easily offended, you probably shouldn’t hang out here. If you have recently yelled at a checkout operator for putting the pasta in the same bag as the bread, turn around. Or if you have verbally abused the attendant at the drive through window for giving you a whole cream milk, not skim milk in your double shot latte. GO HOME KAREN. This is not the place for you.

If you like to have a joke, to lighten your mood during a time of crisis. COME ON IN and sit 2 metres away from me. Let’s have an instant coffee out of chipped mug from my shelf. We’ll get along great.