Remember when the clock struck midnight and we were all like ‘thank god that year is over. 2020 IS MY YEAR. A NEW DECADE’.

Regret that much?

You see, our land was dry. Australia’s drought was that bad, there was footage of farmers having get rid of their livestock because they couldn’t feed them. And by that, I don’t always mean selling them. Even in the suburbs, the ground was so cracked, I nearly lost my 6 year old one day.

By the end of the scorching hot days of January, over 180000 square kilometres had been burnt off by bushfires. Over 5000 buildings had been destroyed and 34 people had their lives taken. And don’t even get me started on the Koalas. It was so bad, we trended world wide. I mean, we made the Kardashian’s Insta stories. And nope, not just KIM- ALL OF THEM. OMG. Legit.

Then, during February, something that could only be explained as a re-enactment of a Greta Thunberg worst case scenario speech; part of Australia was being evacuated under threat of bushfires, while other parts of the country were being evacuated as their houses were being swept away by flood waters. The ‘insert technical word about something shifting’ weather became about cyclones and floods. Farmers were uploading videos of themselves dancing naked in water and firefighters were returning home exhausted.

We had shown the old mother nature that we couldn’t be taken down. And that fickle old woman retaliated with ‘here. Hold my beer’. And she sent us ‘Rona’. A virus that has swept the world faster than One Nation’s last album release.

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