Why do people act so stupid? Are we Idiocracy in action?

If you haven’t see the aforementioned flick, do yourself a big old favour and watch it. I mean, it’s not like you have anything better to do right now, right?

Anyhoo, the events of today lead me to question, has modern society genetically bred out ‘logic’. Why do we live in a time, where if it isn’t a law, it must be okay to do. Can anyone pinpoint an exact time in history, where humanity stopped being able to think ‘hmmm. This is not a good idea, perhaps I shouldn’t do it’. Let me know please.

Well, while sitting in my isolation box on wheels (Karen the Kia) outside the doctor’s office, I witnessed something disgraceful. In a time where we are one step away from carrying a can of Glen 20, like pepper spray, in our bags, hygiene is of most importance. The man in the car in front got out of the driver’s side and did a furtive glance around to see if anyone was watching. Clearly didn’t see me there, my big white SUV is apparently invisible. Then spat. And not a little one. A big, disgusting white string of spit.

It doesn’t end there. A car pulled up next to it. A woman with a face mask on stepped out, right on top of it. She was obviously not having the greatest day, because she turned and scowled at me before she rushed off.

Maybe if she stayed, I would have been able to tell her that her face mask won’t do a whole lot of good when she get home. Because no doubt, she will take off her mask, then her shoes, getting delicious phlegm all over her hands and thus, most likely, face.

Don’t be an idiot people. We don’t need a law to say ‘don’t spit’. Just be humans, not camels.

Photo by Ivan Siarbolin on Pexels.com