A BYO Election

Do not have large gatherings. Stay at home at all costs, unless urgent. That’s the word from The Man. Unless of course, it’s ELECTION DAY. Today we had local elections and for the last week or so, the towns people have cried from their windows at the passer by’s, that the election be cancelled. In fact, I’m almost certain I heard the sombre tones of a twenty-something-year-old brosef, shouting that it wasn’t fair that he couldn’t hang out at the pub, watching the footy with his 5 mates, but he could stand with them in a queue to vote. I say, you missed the opportunity mate. You could have taken your beers and BBQ up to the voting booths- because most of them are on a local school grounds. You and your mates could have had the best time, because we all know, schools have a magical safety barrier on them. OUTSIDE, BAD. Inside, safe.

I’m joking, of course. However there was a real opportunity that was missed. My husband and I signed up to get postal votes sent out. I don’t know why they didn’t just cancel the voting booths and send EVERYONE the forms to do postal voting. But then again, why would they. They had a much better solution. Just bring your own pencil. Yep, that will stop the virus.

Anyhow, I am pleased, because the postal vote took about 2.49 seconds and I didn’t go near a single person today. Not even my 6 year old. Let’s just say that she was not too impressed when she asked for lunch and I told her she is too close to me, she needed to be 2 metres away. Joking, of course. Because I threw her a chip.

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