Our teacher’s union is trying to fight for a work balance for teachers. Something needs to change.

But every time we complain, we are vilified. What people don’t realise is that we love our job. Changing the lives of young people. Teaching the subject areas we are passionate about. Sharing, encouraging, helping.

But the burnout is real. We care about every person that comes in our room. That means we write 3 or 4 different lesson plans, for every lesson. Every day. We make sure the education is accessible to every individual. We contact all kinds of people who are there to support our students. We follow up when they look unhealthy or unhappy. We stay up until midnight for 10 days in a row to ensure every child gets the feedback they need on their assessments to achieve. Our own children see us less than other people’s children. We file, we sort, we write reports. We have meetings, we email, we message each other, sometimes while eating dinner at home with our family. We spend our time, our money. We worry ourselves until we wake up in the morning vomiting. But then have a shower, put on our clothes and our warm smiles and go to work. Because they need us. Only to be told that we are horrible people, by all sorts of people. It’s all your fault. You don’t care. You are the problem.

Just so you know. Most of us have children ourselves. And most of us care for your child the same way we want others to care for ours. Take a moment to thank a teacher. It is all the gift we need. And tell them their mascara looks great 😂👌☺️

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