Am I the only one that comes home from work at the end of the week, ready to put in some serious self care time over my days off.

Then as the saying goes, the ‘proverbial faecal matter’ goes sideways.

The image in my head all week.

Let me tell you my tale of woe. As a teacher, some weeks are more exhausting than others, for no particular reason. Just, kids. The plan was to get my most comfortable clothes (you know the ones, 3 sizes too big, about 100 years old), have a long hot shower and collapse on the couch to watch some absolute dribble on the television.

Stage one started well. I found the clothes, but they were in a big pile of stuff that needed to be put away. Did that. But in the process, uncovered a whole bunch of slung around, dirty attire. So went and put it in the machine. But came across the load in the machine that I forgot to take out to dry. Did that. But that led to me being outside and seeing the giant pile of chaos my daughter had made on the trampoline. In the process of ‘making it rain’ on herself as she jumped, there were tiny bits of foam and grass she had pulled out of the lawn. Well… A broom, a rake and a hose later, that was all cleaned up.

By that time it was starting to get dark. And my idea to celebrate the weekend with my favourite ‘Friday Fiesta Tacos’ would need to be started. And when Tacos are in your brain, that’s not an option, it’s a must. So I started cooking dinner.

Needless to say, 2 and a half hours later, my comfy clothes were on my bed, a cold spray from the hose did not suffice as my hot shower and still in my work clothes.

The thought was there. Does that count?