Be Parents. Not teachers

For many of us, it is now Easter holidays. But let’s be honest, who here actually knows what day it is? It’s Suntuemonthurwedsatfriday. I have had many friends contact me and ask my professional advice as a teacher. They are at their wit’s end after one week. So, here is my best advice and pleaseContinue reading “Be Parents. Not teachers”

A BYO Election

Do not have large gatherings. Stay at home at all costs, unless urgent. That’s the word from The Man. Unless of course, it’s ELECTION DAY. Today we had local elections and for the last week or so, the towns people have cried from their windows at the passer by’s, that the election be cancelled. InContinue reading “A BYO Election”

Logic. Tales of Yesteryear.

Why do people act so stupid? Are we Idiocracy in action? If you haven’t see the aforementioned flick, do yourself a big old favour and watch it. I mean, it’s not like you have anything better to do right now, right? Anyhoo, the events of today lead me to question, has modern society genetically bredContinue reading “Logic. Tales of Yesteryear.”